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ASUS Striker Extreme, can only POST with 1/2 sticks


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Ok, so my issue is that the computer won't POST with both sticks of memory in, only if 1 stick is in. I've also done the startup with each individual stick to make sure neither was broken.


My computer used to work fine then I tried to fix an unrelated issue and this is what happened:


1. Updated BIOS to fix the unrelated issue which was a slow startup compatibility issue between my GPU and motherboard.


2. Upon update computer would not POST at all.


3. Followed the solutions I found for that issue which was to hard clear the CMOS.


4. Computer finally POSTed so I went into the BIOS and manually set the RAM timings which I got from these forums (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=64974):

2.1V 5-5-5-15


5. Computer will startup and run ok with 1 memory stick in but won't start at all with both in.


I realize that this is most likely a motherboard issue I was just looking to see if anyone from these forums can suggest a solution or differant BIOS settings that would allow the computer to run with both sticks like it did before I updated the BIOS.




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