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How To Tune My Memory To Run Cl6 @ 1600Mhz?


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Hello guys,


I just want to ask how to tune my Corsair Dominator GT CMT4GX3M2A1600C7 to make it run PC12800 at 6-6-6-18 :evil:

I know that these setting are not ment to be but I just curious if I can make my memory pair run with these setting (after I pay hefty price for them lol).


I have try several configuration and before I step further I just want to ask will my next config OK?


My last config that are close to work properly are (setting for memory only no CPU OC):

Dram timing setting : 6-6-6-18 [1T]

CPU/NB voltage:1.37 volt

DDR Voltage: 1.85 vlot

CPU/Nb frequency: 1600 Mhz


With the config above I can safely made windows boot up. but bsod after I run benchmark or Memtest. If I lower the DDR3 voltage below 1.85 volt my system can't load windows at all (BSOD at startup).


My next config will be:

Dram timing setting : 6-6-6-18 [1T] -> still the same cause that's the target :D:

CPU/NB voltage: 1.37 volt ~ 1.4 volt

DDR Voltage: 1.9 volt maybe until 2.00 volt lol

CPU/Nb frequency: 1600 Mhz


are the voltage okay? Within safe margin of DDR3 operational of my pair? Although my Motherboard show that 2.0 volt within high profile (not crazy though).


And one more if I increase the CPU/NB voltage from [Auto] 1.36 to [Manual] 1.37 my CPU temperature rise from 40 degree to 47 degree in idle. Are these normal?


Thank You

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