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No Response from Corsair for EU customers?


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I really am hoping I can get some help here.


I had a Corsair PSU break down on me.

I requested an RMA. Got the number. Found out that it costs £40 GBP ($55) to ship it to Corsair in the Netherlands (which is the address they provided me) Insured due to the weight of the PSU


It was signed for on the 29th September in the Netherlands.

Yet my status is still 'Not received parts'.


There is no EU telephone number anywhere for Corsair?


So my $100 PSU is dead, I've spent $55 further to ship it to the RMA address and I can't get hold of anybody.


I have to say it's pretty poor show [Lack of contact details] especially compared to other US corps such as Dell, Apple


Can anyone from Corsair provide me with details of someone I can talk to, to get some resolution to my RMA?


Kind regards,



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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but there is nothing I can do with out the case or RMA number, but even then all I can do is send a message to them.

I would suggest calling our customer service, you can install Skype and then call the number listed under contacts on the main web site.

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