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H50 Temperature Spikes


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Hey guys, recently installed the H50 into the rear exhaust slot of my P183 with a Gentle Typhoon 1450rpm acting as a push fan.


However, my concern is that when I load up Prime 95 my temperatures jump from around 25-28 idle to the high 40's and climb up from there. I reckon the higher temps would be from the unlocked core and overclock but my concern is how the temperature immediately jumps to the higher value rather than a steady climb.


Should I try removing the pump, using Arcticlean to clear off the old paste (Bought it secondhand and it came with a small drop of Shin-Etsu on the middle of the pump) and re-mount with new paste to ensure an even spread?


Or could the spikes a different issue?


Thanks guys.

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A jump rather than a slow climb is normal. The CPU is very thin. The moment that you add the voltage with the load, the temp will make a jump. If it jumped to 70C all at once I would worry, but jumping to 40C would be normal to me. Mine jumps to mid to upper 50sC under full load like that, but mine gets a larger increase in current sent to it than your CPU does.
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