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Nova V32 = Slow SSD?


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Hi all,


I recently purchased the Nova V32 32Gb SSD and installed Win7 on it. I followed the sticky for Win7 tips and tweaks, thinking that it would help improve the performance. Now, whilst the drive boots up faster than my previously installed 500Gb 5400rpm HDD, the speed is the same while browsing the internet (ie opening new tabs, windows and logging into websites) and opening a few programs (ie microsoft office).


I have an Asus UL30A-X5 and I installed a 16Gb SD card to make it as my temp/data drive (ie D:\Temp as stated in the sticky) to prevent frequent file access to the SSD.


Question is, do I have a bad SSD? Or do I need to upgrade a firmware to make it faster? Or is it just naturally slow? Do I need to get my money back instead? It met my expectations on the boot times, but failed on the actual usage of the operating system.


Any thoughts?




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