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Warranty problem in Greece


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I bought last year two sets of Corsair Dominator 4GB DDR3-1600 Intel Core i5/i7 Ram Kit (2 x 2GB, PC3-12800, 8-8-8-24, (4 sticks-8GB total) from a major reseller in Athens Greece, (http://www.plaisio.gr/ , order number 388253-0030304713).


Four days ago my system became unstable, giving me blue screens, random resets etc. I have isolate the problem to be the memory modules, so i took them to service.

After three days they called me to tell me that the memory will be replaced with ********!!!!!! sticks and a model technically inferior to the Corsair I bought!!!!!

The memory is covered by a lifetime warranty, but they claiming, that my model isn't available, and it wont be.


I like my dominators and one of the reasons I bought them is peace of mind.

What can I do? I dont want the ********.

Is it possible to send it to you? Can you guide me?


Thanks in advance.

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shame on them!!

Request an RMA! http://www.corsair.com/helpdesk/

in a couple days you will get an email with instructions where to send them.


btw, its rare that 2 sets work together at full speed. this is not really recommended by Corsair. you should have bought an 8 gig kit from 1 single package.

what testing method did you use to determine 1 or more bad sticks?? it is recommended to run memtest on 1 stick at a time to see if 1 is actually failing. your bluescreens could just be the memory controller failing on the CPU.

you really should test them first and post the results here. they may ask you to do this anyway in order to approve your RMA.

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4GB modules wasn't available a year ago, at least not in Greece.

As for the incompatibility with four modules, I didn't know that.

But nevertheless I wasn't running them at full speed and I wasn't facing any problems for almost a year now.

When the problems appeared, I set the memory to run at 9-9-9-24 1333 2T (and other combinations) and the problems continued. I couldn't even set up windows. The technical stuff, at the shop I bought them, found them faulty, and offer replacement, but with something inferior in every way.

So what am I supposed to do? Am I screwed? :confused:

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they make a single matched 4x2Gb kit, its ok to use 4 sticks only if 4 sticks came in a single package :):

but other than that, you need to download memtest (link and instructions on left) and test 1 stick at a time to see which one if any has failed. the process will take a couple hours of your time to complete 4 complete tests BUT at least if you find one stick that is bad you can just send back the bad one and the other from that set. just check version and serial numbers to see which one is the closest to both so you only have to send back 1 pair for replacement and still use the other 2 in your computer in the meantime. the only other issue can be if the replacements are a different revision you may still run into compatibility issues. take note of all 4 sticks version numbers and note this in your RMA form so they can see if you can get the same version as you are keeping for best chance of them working together again.


also since you are running them at 1333, you may not have such an issue since its slower than rated speed of 1600.


good luck!

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