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Which Corsair Memory for my Netbook


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Net-book is:


Asus Eee PC 1015PED. I looked at the memory configurator on the website and it does not show my net-book. I need to know which memory module will fit in it. I am trying to get a 2GB module to replace the 1GB module that is in it.


Amazon told my son, who ordered it, that he was supposed to buy Corsair CM3X2GSD1066, but he said he put that in and it wouldn't boot. I need to know if that is the correct part number for this net-book or if there is another one I need to buy and return this one.


Thanks for your help!



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Ummm...I thought this is where I came to get answers to Corsair memory questions. Isn't there some Corsair people on here that are supposed to help me????


I thought someone would reply...


I guess I just go buy it from Kingston or Crucial...


Thanks anyway...

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