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Hey everyone. I was planning on building a computer, mostly supported by Corsair. I just have a few compatibility questions, such as whether or not it would die instantly, overheat, or other issues which would result in a sadface. The parts I plan to buy are listed below;


If so, how would they operate quality-wise?

I'm planning on making a computer, and I believe I have everything sorted out, but I need some help whether a few things are compatible, and whether they would run too hot, or not perform too well.


Hardware listed in no specific order;

Corsair 800D / Corsair TX950 / Corsair H50


Intel Core i7 875K


EVGA P55 Classified 200






Diamond 5870PE51G ATI Radeon HD5870 1GB


Hitachi 7K1000.B 1 TB HDD




2 Cooler Master R4-L2R-20AC-GP Case Fans


Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)


Razer RZ04-00270100-R3U1 Carcharias Gaming Headset


Razer RZ03-00180100-R3U1 Lycosa Gaming Keyboard


Razer Lachesis Banshee Blue Gaming Mouse


Razer Destructor Pro Gaming Mouse Pad with Case


ASUS MS238H 23"


Ultra ULT40123 MD3 Media Dashboard Fan Controller


Ultra ULT31572 10 Outlet Surge Protector


And that's all. The total price is $2,678.49. That includes shipping, with taxes. If you find anything wrong or have any suggestions, please post. This is my first attempt at building a computer :p

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