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Need some help with setup


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Just got my HS1 today and im realy happy with the quality and sound from it! Thanks Corsair!


But I have some questions, I play World of Warcraft and im woundering how many soundchannels I should sett it to in the Corsais HS1 USB Headset program, should I have it on stereo or in 7.1?


Kinda confusing...but then again im a noob at these things.


Hope someone can help explain a little, and again thanks to Corsair for making a realy nice headset. It's my first "expensive" headset and im realy realy pleased with it :)

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Hey there took delivery of the Hs1 last week, great headset as well.


Yes I am a wow addict, tried it in wow on 5.1 & also 7.1 both work really well & I suppose there really is no actual definate sound setting unlike Starcraft 2 where you have the 7.1 sound option in the games menu.


Play around with it and use which sounds the best to you :)


Hope this helps.

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Im alsow getting a slight echo from voices in movies,games and voice chat that is a little irritating and should not be there...strange.


Larzen, Just picked these up a few days ago and love them. To remove the echo, click on the driver in the tray and in the mic setting, uncheck Monitoring. See if that helps. :D:

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