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Can you tell me what modules would my CMG6GX3M3A1866C7 be replaced with?


I need to send it to Netherlands but at the moment don't have any other modules and need my PC to be up and working. I have heard it is possible to have a new set of 6GB modules supplied before sending the faulty ones for the replacement. I am considering also buying additional 6GB but would need to be sure the new ones I would buy or have sent by Corsair would be exactly the same as the ones supplied by Corsair as a replacement of the faulty ones?


generally I would like to end up having 12GB of the same 1866MHz RAM fitted into my Asus RIIE but also compatible with RIIIE (next planned upgrade)


Can you tell me if it is possible and how to do that ...



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It'd be replaced with the same part number. Yes, it's possible to do an advanced RMA. You'd finish the RMA process and then contact customer service with your RMA number and they can help you with that.


HOWEVER, there's no way to guarantee 2 separate packs would work together, especially 12 GB @ 1866.

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