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Corsair H50 Noise - Is this normal?


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Hi Guys,


I've had my Corsair H50 for about 9 months now, and I've loved it so much!


Just recently, the noise of my tower started to annoy me slightly so I decided to inspect and buy some new case fans, and add some new quiet ones on Push-Pull on the H50.


After taking out all the fans in my system, unplugging my GPU and then booting up my system, I pinpointed the noise to the Corsair H50 Pump.


It seems to be like a buzzing noise. It is getting quite annoying, and was wondering what I have to do to fix it?


It is demonstrated in the video below.



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Yes I have the same buzzing sound, but its bearable and I dont even notice it anymore. 2 things to bear in mind, thanks to 'Yellowbeard' from Corsair advice to me:

Make sure though that the pump is connected to a header which is not throttled ie make sure the pump is running at full speed, around 1400rpm. If you have QFAN on Asus turn it off for the said header for example. (sorry just saw youve got a gigabyte, so QFAN equiv for that).

I actually ended up just running it straight off the PSU, and I thinks its quieter for that change.

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