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What does Corsair do with their RMA'd products?


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Hello all that are reading this, I am brand new to these forums,


One week ago, I was transferring 600MB into my 8GB flash drive, it stalled and basically stalled there. I even purchased a program called EASEUS (mods remove this if necessary, I read the rules but this isn't advertising for this product nor is it the competitor) to recover my files (my school work and pictures and everything else is there), it recovered some and I then performed a format.


I basically used three different machines with different OS' to format this flash drive since it was such a pain. I then read about doing a simple format is not enough and that I should get programs that does the full format that no one can read the information inside (I do have some SSN date and whatnot, passport prints, etc). I tried and the flash drive just have I/O device errors and such like that.


What's wrong with my flash drive is this: it takes 5~ minutes for ANY computer/laptop to read it. It's insanely hard to add new files to it as it freezes my explorer (on W7, XP, Vista). So my question is basically this, I am going to RMA this corsair (it is formatted standardly), what will Corsair do with it? Will they try to restore it or chuck it away? I don't want random people looking at my family photos and such or my information.


P.S.: I even used this: http://forum.corsair.com/v2/showthread.php?t=85953 and get Out of Memory error.


Does this mean my flash drive is corrupt? Apologies for long post.

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Meaning scrapped we may disassemble them and reuse parts to repair other drives or repair returned drives and then they are sold as refurbished. Any drive or parts of drives not usable are disposed of.
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