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Cannot secure-erase my F60 with Parted Magic


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I read about Parted Magic on this forum and decided to use it for secure-erasing. I made a CD and booted it, but when I tried using the erase software on my SSD an error message came up saying that my BIOS had placed the drive in Frozen mode, meaning that no erase commands can be sent.


Is there a way to circumvent this or will I have to try on another computer?

AFAIK HDDErase uses the exact same command (a standard common for all ATA drives), so I guess that won't work either even if I figure out how to use that program (command UI so have to read the manual - bore). My Mobo is Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 Rev 1.


I also have a different question, which concerns Windows 7 and partition alignment. Before I installed Win7 on the F60 drive, I did not remove the previous partition. The old data is gone, but the partition label is still there from before the install. In addition to that, the first partition I created was with Paragon Partition manager, which I suspect does not correctly align partitions on SSDs. So my question is, have I screwed everything up and allowed Win7 to install on a misaligned partition, or could the installation somehow have formatted a new partition but kept the old label? I assumed Windows 7 always formats the system disk before installation.


EDIT: I heard some are having problems with their F series drives not being recognised by BIOS after a secure-erase, could this error occur on firmware version 1.1? Or did I misinterpret the cause of the error?


EDIT2: Do I need to update any driver to be able to benefit from the TRIM command? I probably have the standard Windows SATA drivers, but I don't know how to find which version they are nor how to update them. I read somewhere that both AMD and Intel supply their own specific drivers for their chipsets, but on my motherboard support website I get three different files, one which installs Catalyst Control Center (what??), one which contains some sort of RAID utility and one which is not installable from the windows environment (says I have to boot from a floppy, but I have no floppy drive)


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Try using Parted Magic's partition manager and delete all your partitions, reboot, and then try Parted Magic again for the secure erase.


In short, I'd suggest starting with the MS driver in WIN7 for the drive controller. If you have issues or are not happy with performance, you can try the AMD driver at a later time and compare.

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