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Not satisfied with the reservoir location...not sure where to strategically place it so that the tubing doesnt have kinks and easy access/fill/drain. Waiting for my NB block since it is overheating currently and compromising my 40% OC (can't pass large data set OCCT) due to the horrible airflow of this case. loop goes MCP655 > apogee XT > [nb block tbi] > gtx470 > RX360v2


my ram has increased by about 10-15c and nb almost doubled in temps from the case change. 4 sticks of ddr2-1066 CL5 clamped down to CL4 will do that... i don't think my old case can be beaten for airflow though...not even by a haf X with 10 delta fans @ 8000rpm. the price of putting everything into 1 box.




RX360v2 on top. got the 3 top fans (pull) on a fan controller, they move air loudly when im abusing it with OCCT or Prime95. Debating whether i should buy some noctuas for the top and reassign these to push from the bottom with high rpm. The radiator itself could act as a 'silencer'.



I'm not into ricey LEDS, neons, or strobes. save it for a civic.




Fresh lapped quadcore :) this sob was very concave


More pics to come...when my camera charges

wth...this forum wont allow me to post pictures it's scrambling the IMG code hyperlinks.


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you have to post in pic section then have approved before they will show up post in User pc
No, his first pic didn't show up because part of the URL was filtered out. Posting in a forum album isn't required, but does help if someone's looking at your profile or albums in general (e.g. the Obsidian 800D group).
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The final solution to 24/7 stability...northbridge cooler works great. So happy with the temps now. Experimenting with push pull setup on the top radiator. Currently have 5 TT-12025A's, they move a lot of air even at a low setting; they make a little bit more noise than i want. So far i like the temps, which i will show real results below when i get them. I might invest in buying six aerocool shark 120's...that's gonna be expensive. I seriously spent a lot of time getting this to work out and finally it's working lol.



Got rid of the corsair fans from key areas. Replaced with aerocool sharks. So far these are the best fans i have used for the money. They move a lot of air and theyre quiet. The deal breaker was replacing the two 140mm fans (rear exhaust and central intake).



my fan controller hidden under the faceplate. I set it and forget it that's fine. I like the clean look on the outside anyway so i don't mind it being back there.






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Had to downclock about 40mhz. So i lost about 1.5% of my OC (i am still capable of more by jumping the hole). I don't notice a difference in performance anyway. I think now there's a FSB deadzone around 466...but i was obviously stable in that zone before with my old case (see my CPUZ verification) i wasn't able to do 466 at anywhere near the voltages i was running before.


So here's the data you might be surprised. Fans are pretty much at 33% on my fan control. This is Southern california so ambient temps arent anything extraordinary although it's been a little cooler this week. I am going to replace every single fan this week and rearrange the fans so im expecting an improvement from the data below.


As you can see, 48c is my hottest temp on core#1 getting beaten up by OCCT small data sets.






my vcore is below default voltage on small sets (most cpu intensive); Line load calibration enabled; no overshoot no ripple :)



DRAM voltage under large sets test (FSB/RAM intensive)

was having the most trouble passing this test. I even added the NB.MCH to my waterloop. Now it passes with flying colors no compromises except by lowering the FSB about 5mhz.

4 sticks of CL5 ddr2-8500 clamped to 4-4-4-12 in synchronous mode.




overall stability is there.




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