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HELP...Added VS1GBKIT400 1GB RAM to MSI K8N Neo2 MS-7025, but computer will not boot?


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In a computer that I built about 4 years ago I initially installed 1GB of Corsair ValueSelect RAM (2 x 512, VS512MB400, PC3200, 184pin, double-sided) in 2 slots (4 slots available) on MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum MS-7025 motherboard. I have a AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Socket 939 chip (1.8MHz, System Clock 200 MHz) which I have overclocked to run at 2.3MHz (System Clock 256.0 MHz).


I purchased the other day another 1GB Kit (VS1GBKIT400, 2 x 512GB) of the same memory (only difference is they are now single-sided) to install in the other two slots to make it 2GB system. However, when I installed the new RAM the system will not boot up (just a blank screen). So then I removed my old RAM sticks and put in the new ones in the same slot and when I hit the power button the computer will start up, but not boot (same black screen).


Here is the information for my memory when I use the System Information for Windows program.


Memory Summary


Maximum Capacity 16384 MBytes

Max Memory Module Size 4096 Mbytes

Memory Slots 4

Error Correction None

DRAM Freq 209.5 MHz

Memory Timings 3-3-3-8 (CL-RCD-RP_RAS)


Device Locator Slot 1


Manuf Corsair

Part# VS512MB400

Capacity 512

Mem Type DDR (PC3200)

Speed 200 MHz

Support Freq 200 MHz

Memory Timings 2-3-3-8-9 at 200.0 MHz, at 2.5 volts (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-RC)



The above info is the same for Slot 2 as well.


The Corsair website shows the following for the 1GB Kit that I got:

VS1GBKIT400 PC-3200 1GB Kit 2.5-3-3-8 184pin DIMM


One thing I did notice is on the new RAM sticks they have only 8 memory chips on one side compared to 8 chips on both sides (16 total) on the old RAM sticks. Is the new set being single sided and old one being double sided make a difference? And for some reason they seem to sit a bit lower compared to my old RAM sticks. But even if I can't mix and match single-sided with double-sided, why isn't the single-sided new 512MB sticks working by themselves in the same lots as my old 512 sticks?


I've tried the other slots and nothing seems to work. I know the other slots are fine since I put my old 512 in those slots and it works.

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The new modules should be set to Cas 3 not Cas 2, please run CPU-Z and post screen shot from the SPD Tab for all of the modules.


Attached is the screen shots of CPU-Z for 1GB of RAM installed in Slot1 and Slot2. This is the original 2 x 512MB Corsair double-sided RAM that works. I did not install the new sticks since my computer will not boot up.


Since the new RAM is single-sided will I be be able to mix and match with the DS old RAM? I looked at my MOBO manual and it indicates either all SS or DS, but not mix or match. The weird thing is that I can't even get the new SS ones to work by themselves in Slot1 and Slot2. Any suggestions?





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The new modules should be set to Cas 3 not Cas 2, please run CPU-Z and post screen shot from the SPD Tab for all of the modules.


Any update on this matter? I'd like to find out if these will work or not since I might have to return them back to Amazon. Thanks.

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Mixing and matching kits is never guaranteed. If you cant get the new ones to work at all it is possible that the board has issues with dual sided modules.


But why then isn't the board working with just using the single-sided 512 RAM sticks as indicated on the MOBO manual? When I put in the SS sticks do I need to adjust any settings to make them work?


If I can't mix and match, then if I go and buy 2 X 1GB Single-Sided Corsair RAM sticks and use those (take out the old 2 X512MB DS sticks) will they work by themselves?

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