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TX750 problem?


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Hello there :)


I've been happily running my system on a TX750 for about 18months now with an ATi 4890HD, last week i bought a new GTX470 to replace it.


Now it boots up fine but will black screen and reboot every so oftan, i didnt consider the psu at first and RMA'd the card but they sent it back saying no fault found.

I've done a very basic volt test on the psu (i only have an analogue voltmeter)

the gpu feeds show approx 14v, and the molex's 14v/4.5v (unsure if this is too high?)


the system works great with a crappy old 8800gt, but soon as i try to play metro or another demanding game it dies on me.


Any thoughts?





**edit** i also reformatted the comp fresh incase it was a driver issue swithcing from ATI to nvidia, no difference. it also makes no difference if i run stock clocks instead of my OC.

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