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Thermalright radiators for graphics card GTX 480 in Corsair Obsidian


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I want your opinion:

I own a Nvidia GTX480 mounted in a Corsair Obsidian 800D. This graphics card gives me satisfaction but it operates at a high temperature. I managed to reduce temperatures by changing Obsidian fan but the noise has increased. I am in search of a radiator for GTX 480. Corsair does not want to enjoy myself by selling a watercooling for graphics cards :p: so I looked at other builders and I found this:



The Shaman model will go up without any problem. But the Spitfire model, which offers stunning performance seems a bit huge. I fear he touches my H-70 mounted rear of my Obsidian.

Do you own one of these models and information on adapted in Obsidian?

Thank you very much.::pirate::

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