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Fan Connector Question


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I am installing an AirFlow cooling fan module on a Rampage 3 Extreme mobo. The plug for the AirFlow has 3 conductors and the header on the mobo has 4 conductors.


The 4 conductors on the mobo are:



Fan IN



Two Questions:

1. Can I safely plug the fan into the header?

2. Am I correct in assuming that the missing 4th lead on the fan plug, that is Fan PWM, is to control fan rpm?


Thanks in advance for your reply,


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there should be a tab that centers the 3 pins used on a 3 pin connector. you should not be able to plug it in wrong, the tab prevents that.


Thank you for the reply. I was hoping that the connnector configuration (with tab) would prevent an improper connnect. Thanks for the confirmation.


My only other question is, what is lost by not using the 4th pin?

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