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Corsair F60 not working with the PS3


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I bought the F60 to use it in my fat PS3. The installation went well and I browsed the XMB without problems until I started a game. The screen went black and I rebooted the ps3 but after the ps3 refuses to recognize the ssd.


I unplugged the SSD and formated it in my PC to give it another shot. But the PS3 still refuses to recognize the disk, even though it is properly installed.


Are SandForce based SSD's incompatible with PS3? I have friend who bought the OCZ agility 2 (SandForce) and he have similar problem with his Xbox360.


Any advice is appreciated.



Since I can't use it on my ps3, I decided to use it in my PC instead. And it works perfectly so far. Even after multiple reboots.

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