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Backup software for F60 SSD


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I'm running Widows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit with a F60 SSD boot disc and 2TB HDD for date etc. Is there good reliable backup software that you can recommend. Is Ghost 15 compatibe with Corsair SSDs and a good choice?


I'm not looking for anything fancy, but just want to make sure that if I have a disaster I can get my system up and running again. I have read some threads about problems with some Force SSDs failing to boot etc which look a bit scary.


I've had no problems to date but wanted to be prepared should the worst happen.


Thanks in advance.

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Any Acronis Product past 2010 (Advanced Workstation 10/ True Image 2010/ True Image 2011) will work superbly with any OS including x64 flavors of Vista/7 (which 2009 and earlier did not). I use Advanced Workstation 10 for my backup machine at my shop and it's never been anything less than awesome.


Other than that, you could use Windows' built-in imaging function if you're running Windows 7.

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