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How to get RMA for Corsair Dominators in India

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2 Months back when I returned from US to India I bought Corsair CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 memory kit from Amazon and replaced my ADATA modules. Now I think one of my module is faulty, as while inserting all three nothing happens all ok but individually when I check again all are same but when ever that module is fully utilized or it's almost 2GB space is utilized I get BSOD :[pouts:

I think I will need a RMA on these kits.

Now the problem:

I bought them in US and now I am in India how to avail RMA from India? I think Corsair RMA provider Kaizen Infoserve will not receive these kits.

Please suggest and let me know.

I am planning to buy another Corsair CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 and make system 12GB so that I can also use this system as Server for special purposes.

Shall I order through AMAZON again and how to avail the RMA.


Please help, I don't want to sell these kits as I wont be getting RMA but want to add these same kits and make 12GB..


TIA for reply

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Only I have to request for the RMA on that link? I have to sent it to US/Taiwan? I dont want to send to all these places. I want to RMA in my country itself.


Please help.


I see the same kits are on sale on Amazon..so I am planning to stick with these sticks and I require to have 12GB as that is for trial running SAP Software on my Server using Virtualization... I will be configuring more than 3-4 SAP Systems on my server and run them concurrently on VMware. The thing is my budget is low so can't opt for 24GB so have to stick to 12GB. All these softwares are RAM Hungry...


I will definately not OC on Server 2003 :D but as I am a OCer by heart I be doing that for sure..

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@thunder - i had got my mem from US too, I sent it back to US , it took 30 days to reach them via Registered Parcel Post . So i think u better send by some good courier. If u need more help, I think you are member @ TE or erodov, u can msg me there.
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