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P7P55D with CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 won't work


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Hi, I am not an expert and I have been googling for days to get a solution to this.


RAM is not on the QVL at Asus but on Corsair page it says that the RAM is compatible with P7P55D. Everything has been checked several times. When I turn power on the red light on Mobo lights continously after 2 sec and it doesn't help to do the auto config button on Mobo. Have tried different slots, one ram, two rams, reset by taking out battery from Mobo (then it showed ok but nothing else happened). Later I even got the Mobo replaced from vendor because they said the Mobo was bad but same problem occurs - it just won't get past the RAM check. One computer store said it was a "known" problem that these two products were not compatible.

Please help!! Anyone..?


Brgd Sam

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