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Possible Undervolt on new HX750?


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I recently purchased a new HX750 and I have a concern. Using hwMonitor I get the following output:


+3.3v - 3.34v

CPU vCore - 1.52v

vin2 - 2.21v

vin3 - 1.29v

+5v - 4.75v

+12v - 8.18v (!!!)

vin6 - 1.23v

VSBV - 3.31v

VBAT - 3.23v


I'm really concerned about the 12v rail. In addition to my system specs I also have a Corsair H70 cooler with one fan plugged into the MB and the other into a 4-prong with a 3 to 4 adapter. Is it normal to see the 12v rail that low or am I overloading the PSU?




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