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Erasing my SSD


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I did a search and I didn't see much discussion of this. I want to know about erasing my SSD. I want to reset all of the bits on my SSD to their original, unprogrammed values. I believe this means setting them back to 1, because apparently 0 is hi and 1 is low with flashram.


I see a few utilities out there for erasing an SSD, but couldn't i just use DD for this? Something like "dd of=/dev/sda if=/dev/zero", of course maybe that should be /dev/one :laughing:.


Also, while I'm asking about this, on a conventional hard drive I might use something like a "Boot and Nuke" utility, which does successive writes in weird random patterns, to clear sensitive data from a device. Is this necessary on a flash device? or is just doing a full erase enough?

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