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RAM Proprietary ? Presario Notebook


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I'm intending to add some life to a friend's Compaq Presario v2030us. At the moment it has its original 512MB in one slot. There are 2 slots.


The manual says it takes

1024MB = Part 367775-001

512MB = Part 367774-001

256MB = Part 367773-001


I have 3 questions:


1. Can I simply add a 1024MB module so she has a 512 + 1024 = 1536? Or does RAM get upset when you try to run unequal sticks?


2. Is her Compaq Presario RAM proprietary—I am inclined to think it might be—or can I buy anything I want?


3. When I purchased my Asus Eee 901, I replaced its single 1 GB RAM stick with a 2 GB stick, so I have the original. Would it be usable in her Compaq Presario? The Eee 901 RAM = DDR2 1GB-667 (SSY2128M8-J6EE)


Thank you.

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