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3 x CSSD-F60GB2-BRKT Raid 0 Question - BIOS fails to detect at boot issue


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Hello all. I am planning to buy 3 x CSSD-F60GB2-BRKT . I will use them as raid 0


but i read from this forum that people were experiencing BIOS fails to detect when booting



so i have several questions


my mother board is ASUS P5Q

my os is : windows 7 ultimate SP1


so if i use them as a raid what are the chances of that error happen to me


also if that error happens what is the solution how can i solve ?


i am working on very important projects


so i can not take risk of system failure


and i also read that disabling trim was solving problem


how can i disable trim before setupping raid 0


thank you

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if you dont want to risk losing data i would suggest having 1 drive with the OS and maybe 2 drives in RAID1 (mirrored) for your important data so if ever 1 of the drives became a problem the other will still have everything on it so there would be no loss at all (except 60 gig of space for the mirror)


better to be safe than sorry!


the only other suggestion is to grab a cheap 2-300 gig HDD, install everything you need then create your RAID0 with the 3 drives and image them from the HDD then just create a folder for new projects and copy the new data to the HDD as a daily backup so you wont ever lose a thing.

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