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H50 with 92mm to 120mm fan mount adapter


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Hello to everyone,


I bought a new H50 cooler, and then I realized that I only have the option of a 92mm fan in the backside of my computer case. So, the cheapest solution, instead of buying a new case, was to get a 80mm/92mm to 120mm fan mount adapter.


Now I am thinking in all the possible configurations for the H50. I still want to use my 92mm fan that I have in the back of the case, so this get me to 2 possible configurations.


Please, I want your advice. Which one you think I could get the best cooling performance.


I am attaching a diagram I did for your visualization.


Thank you very much and forgive me for my bad English.



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Config 2.


I agree. That adapter should be good to help spread the airflow across the entire radiator with the 120mm fan pulling. The only real downside to the 92mm fan is the noise produced for the same airflow as the 120.


I even used a 140mm fan with a 120 adapter on the push side with good results.

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