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Memory_Management and PFN_List_Corrupt BSODs with my new TWIN2X4096-6400C5C


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I recently upgraded my old PSU, GFX card and RAM to the specs currently listed in my profile.


My old RAM were 2x 2GB ********. I'm not 100% on their specs, but they were listed as 6400 as well, and their timing was listed as 5-4-4-12. I never had any issues with them for as long as they were installed.


However, I was experiencing random restarts indicative of my PSU providing insufficient power. In the course of my troubleshooting, I also MemTest86+'ed my old ******** RAM and found that one of the sticks had several errors. This is what prompted my upgrade to my new RAM and PSU.


However, after installing the new parts and everything seemingly working fine, I started having problems. The first time I tried running a lengthy game install, I got a Memory_Management 0x000001A BSOD. Slightly discouraged, I tried running it again after a reboot. Halfway through the installation my screen froze. I ran a quick MemTest86+ on my new RAM to make sure they weren't defective, and they came up clear. I decided to try moving them to slots 2 and 4 instead, and run the installation again. This time, it almost got to the end before I got a PFN_List_Corrupt BSOD.


I ran a 4½ hour MemTest86+ overnight on both sticks, which came up clear. I then ran a 1 hour MemTest86+ on each individual stick, which also came up clear.


I figured it was time for something drastic, so I formatted and re-installed my Windows to get a fresh install. This only seemed to complicate things, though. Where before my format my browser would crash sporadically with my new RAM, after the format IE would crash within seconds. If I tried to download anything, it would crash instantly. I tried removing one RAM stick, and IE decided to behave. I then tried it with the other stick as well, and it seemed to work then too. I then tried moving the stick from slot 1 to slot 3 to recheck if the slot was faulty. It seemed to work, but I got a Memory_Management error when I tried to shut down Windows.


Right now I have currently placed the two RAM sticks in slots 1 and 3 again, but oddly enough IE is no longer constantly crashing. I'm having a tough time figuring out what works and what doesn't at this point. The only thing I can think of is running Prime95 on either stick in all slots, and then both in slots 1-3 and 2-4. That really just feels like grasping at straws, though.


According to my BIOS and CPU-Z, the voltage, timing and frequency match the RAMs listed specifications. However, I read something about how when you're only using some of your RAM slots, the RAM might draw more power. Would it help to increase the RAM's voltage from 1.8 to, say, 2.0?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I've tried running the RAM through Burnintest and Prime95, and my results are sort of inconsistent.


With one stick in slot 3, I got an error that said something similar to "Error reading data from RAM," which was supposedly a very serious errior caused by my RAM returning different data than it was given. Upon stopping the Burnin test, I got another Memory_Management BSOD.


I ran the same test on slot 1 and got no errors, but when I was shutting down my computer, I got a PFN_List_Corrupt BSOD.


When running Prime95, it doesn't take me long to get a "Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4" error. This appears to happen regardless of which slots I'm testing and whether I have 1 or 2 sticks in. Reading online suggests that I have an unstable overclock, but nothing is OC'ed. Everything is stock. I've even tried upping the voltage slightly for both the RAM and CPU, which is what was suggested in the OC threads.

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