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I have quite an old PC with an ASUS M2N32-SLI motherboard. It has been running happily with 2GB PC-6400 of Corsair memory. I have aquired another 2GB of Corsair memory from a friend which is also PC-6400.


When I try to install the four together the PC will either not boot, blue screen or become unstable after Windows boots. Removing the two new banks of memory cures the problem. Swapping the old sticks for the new sticks also works. The problem seems to occur when they are used together.


Being a noob, I thought that due to the fact that all four banks are PC-6400 it would just work! Please help! :confused:



Windows 7 64bit Home Premium

AMD X2 4200+



2x XMS6404 v1.2 1024MB 4-4-4-12 (original)

2x XMS6405 v4.1 1024MB 5-5-5-12

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Unfortunately the speed rating alone does not mean that different memory modules will work together. If you view the DDR IC Inquiry link on the left size of the page you will see that different Revs. of memory use ICs from different vendors and thus rarely ever work together. Typically you need all four memory modules to be identical and actually sold as a matched set for them to be guaranteed to work together.



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