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Corsair SSD F40 Help!!!!

Kung Pow

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Hi Everybody!


3 weeks ago I bought my new SSD F40 filled with hope of reads/writes from 280 to 270 mb/s ..after excessive benchmarking I learned the truth^^.


In general my problem is performance ...I benchmark with ATTO and the results always differ dramaticaly...and I just can´t figure out what to do to keep them at a constant normal range. I have tried switching ports on the board ....or using different drivers....I also returned the SSD once because it annoys the c*ap out of me-.-. It appears to me that this condition always gets worse after I have reinstalled windows(because of deleting Partition and formating). The only thing I always do after a fresh install is ...turning off hibernation and defrag ...relocating pagefiles ...disabling services etc the things they tell you to do at the Corsair HP to enhance performance.


I took some screenshots from Bios Settings that may help you pros figuring this out. (ATTO vorher ..is the best result)...(Atto nachher the worst)



As drivers I use the Intel RST and Chipset Driver for my Board my BIOS Version is F12.


I have reinstalled Windows a lot and lately i played around with the SATA ports because I installed a RAID configuration with two WDC Black Cavair 1TB therefore 1.82 TB total.


There are two Controllers on my Board the Intel Controller ICH10R(6 Ports) and the Gigabyte Controller(4 Ports)...I heard that the optimal setup for the ssd was to plug it into the Intel Controller and nothing else.

Unfortunetly thats impossible because there isn´t enough space on the Gigabyte Controller for the rest so I had to plug DVD and Burner on the Intel Controller. and got the rest on the Gigabyte one .


In conclusion:

Intel Controller ICH10R: Port 0 - SSD Corsair F40

Intel Controller ICH10R: Port 4 - DVD

Intel Controller ICH10R: Port 5 - Burner


Gigabyte Controller Jmicron JMB 322: Port 0 - BlueRay

Gigabyte Controller Jmicron JMB 322: Port 1 - Fancontroll(For ******** 1200)

Gigabyte Controller Jmicron JMB 322: Port 2 - WDC Black Caviar 1TB (in RAID)

Gigabyte Controller Jmicron JMB 322: Port 3 - WDC Black Caviar 1TB (in RAID)


And for those of you who understand german here is another thread that I had started shortly after I bought the SSD



Please help me I am going insane!

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I want the speeds that are showing on my Screen (Atto vorher) my problem is that i can´t figure out what I am supposed to do to hit those exact scores again.

I posted several Bios settings and information of my system so you can help me to reach it again.

Screen(Atto nachher) is what I am getting now and I want the previous one back.

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Excessive benchmarking fills up the empty space on an SSD. As they fill up, the performance degrades slightly until TRIM can catch up. Secure erasing with a utility such as Parted Magic will set the drive back to factory condition. But, you will NEVER get 285/275 permanently. The OS will load the drive somewhat and as you add data and the drive fills, it will slow some.
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lol sry that I am bothering you guys again^^ but actually I have got some more questions ...the advice you gave me was perfect gotta thank you again for that but now my question is regarding on how I can enhance Performance in Windows 7.


I have already done the things they tell you to at the Corsair HP like ...relocating pagefiles ...disabling windows services ....turning off hibernation ... putting the slider to 0 in system protection and disabling Defrag.


What I would like to know now is what else there is to do in Windows 7 to improve benchmark results and speed up shut down..boot and restart.



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ok that settles that but aren´t but what about shut down and Speed in Windows 7?


I just overclocked my RAM a little ...(Kingston Hyper X 12 GB DD3 1066) I got it running at 1750 MHZ with 8-8-8-20-1 Timings and in combination with my SSD F40 I expected my System Speed (for example applications popping up faster etc) to rock ...but it kinda doesn´t.


Thats why I am so eager to learn more options how to enhance the performance or speed of the system.


So please give me some more advice on that matter.

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