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VX450 vs 8800gt issue


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I bought a vx450 some years ago but in the last months i've been having some troubles with it. No matter what i do, i can't get display from the 8800gt! Only the built in vga works.

I tried these things:

  • Selected pci-e as default graphics
  • Used an adaptor from 2 12v contacts (?) instead of the pci-e cord
  • Tried other RAM's
  • Tried starting outside the case
  • Replaced the MoBo
  • Tried starting with just 1 memory stick
  • Tried starting without the HDD
  • Updated MoBo bios
  • Did a CMOS reset

I tried the graphics card in another system and got display. I think i feel some heat from the 8800gt when the system is powered up. It's hard to feel since i have great passive cooling on it.


Could it be the power supply? As you read before, everything else is tested except the CPU. The system works perfectly except the 8800gt so it couldn't be the CPU...


Any ideas?



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