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TW3X4G1333C9DHX - memetest error on cold startup


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first of all, my hardware:

mobo: P7P55D, vendor:asus

ram: 4x TW3X4G1333C9DHX


After I have built the system, I had to try different settings to make the system stable.


With these ram-settings it is "prime-stable" and "linpack-stable" - longterm memtest check included:

9-9-9-24 @1067 - 1,6v

Other settings does not worked for me.


Now the problem is, that after my system was shut down for hours I have lots of memory errors (with memtest 4.10) after starting up the system. After a couple minutes everything works already fine and memtest is passing without errors. That is no joke :|, it is repeatable!!!


So I googled a lot, and found other users with the same problem. I an other forum I found this link:



There the user "JF_" wrote(same mobo and ram):

Bit late, but just wanna add that problem is not uncommon to other memory brands - I do have exactly the same problem with Corsair XMS3. Cold start, hundreds of memtest errors in seconds (or BSODs when booting windows). Reboot five minutes later, not a single problem shows up and the thing just works perfectly.



Asus P7P55-M, socket 1156, i7-860, 2Gb Corsair XMS3 DHX *that's the ones with the gray heatspreaders - given the limited airflow around the memory I figured that more cooling is better).


Already identified one consistently bad dimm (stuck bit in one address), so continued with only two instead of four - but this does not affect the cold boot crap at all. Incredibly hard to diagnose, and seriously pissing me off.


I am actually thinking whether this could just be a contact issue - if the pcb is on the thin end of the specs, and the socket only provides the absolute minimum springtension, maybe that is already enough to cause it?


What can I do, please help :sigh!:?


Best regards,


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