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Corsair X128 SSD problem


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Hi, i have 2 X128 drives... with one unit in place as OS drive with Windows 7 installed.


Last weekend, the PC gave up, wouldnt boot. Luckily i had snapshots so using my live disk i attempted to restore a working image... this failed and as a result, the drive became unaccessible.


I tried the other drive and this also failed during the restore procedure.


With both SSD's down, i restored my OS to both a 5400rpm 2.5" drive, and now a 3.5" drive... so i know my PC is ok... as is the OS.


The drives are coming up a year old (but have barely been used to be honest).


I could really do with getting an SSD back as my OS drive...


What can i do? Looks to be around £500-600 of storage becoming paper weights :-/


What are my options?


Have i read right that i cannot run any software to test the drive?


Can i return them for replacement with corsair? RMA?





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The first thing to do would be to use parted magic and secrure erase the drive one at a time and then quick format them as second drives in that system then test them with ATTO and see if they are performing okay.

If so it may be the way you are doing the image. What application are you using to create and restore the image?

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