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Compatible Memory for Asus M4A89TD

Prince Myshkin

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I'm running into a bit of confusion when trying to select some RAM for my newly bought M4A89TD motherboard. I visited the Corsair Configurator but the product model number was not recognized, the closest thing was the M4A89GTD motherboard.


I'm not sure If I trust all the memory listed for the M4A89GTD to be Compatible with the M4A89TD board.


I also checked the board's QVL but I do not fully trust that either as a representative from ASUS told me that the QVL is not the best resource, it is better to contact the manufacturer, but I don't where to find the information from corsair if the motherboard is not working with the memory configurator tool.


I would like some blue dominator RAM because it would look good with my my HX750 PSU.


I just want some DDR3 1600 Ram with 7 or 8 timings. Not sure if it will be difficult finding some dominator RAM with the recent recall that I was reading about on this forum.


Also had my eyes on CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 because the price is great, but I would like a little tighet timings. Could I tighten the timings on the CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 easily?


Got this model from Corsair Phenom II site CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 not sure if it'll work with my board though.

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The two mobos use the same chipsets and have the same memory specs on the Asus website so there is no reason to expect that the Corsair memory approved for the GTD won't work just fine in the TD.


The CMX4GX3M2A1600C7 and C9 are both approved for Intel CPUs not AMDs.


It's not likely that you will be able to tighten the memory timings if you run the memory at the higher speed rating. I'm using the CMP4GX3M2B1600C8 without problems OC'd. If you want C7 then use CMG4GX3M2B1600C7. Any of the Corsair memory tested for the AMD Phenom CPUs should work fine in your mobo.



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I did find that phenom page, but wasn't sure because many of those memory units were not listed on the asus QVL, then again an asus rep told me that the QVL was not the absolute source for memory capability.


The CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 won't work really? It was on the M4A89TD's QVL... I thought that whole "optimized for i7" was just a marketing tool. Then again i'm contradicting myself because I already questioned the credibility of the QVL.


The boards are slightly different, one is 890gx one is 890fx (then again the G only stands for onboards graphics i think) Their northbridge and southbridge are indeed the same.


What do you have your memory OC'd to? I just want 1600 speed RAM and run it at 1600 speed. I guess this question is better for another section, but do I want tighter timings or higher speed? I've heard 1333 was all I needed but most 1600 speeds are the same price so I figured faster was better.


So pick some RAM off that phenom ii link?


I just want to get some quality RAM because my Corsair PSU is top shelf stuff!

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Yes any of the approve RAM on the Phenom II list should work fine.


I am running my Corsair memory at 1600 Mhz. 8-8-8-24 with the CPU OC'd to 3.9 GHz. Technically 1333 MHz. is the maximum AMD supported RAM speed for the Phenom II CPUs.


Some applications respond better to tighter timings and others to higher frequencies. Only testing can tell you if anything is to be gained via changes to the frequency or timings.

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Could you point me to some more information on this matter? This is the first I'm hearing of this.



AMD has been quoted on this and in fact if you check all AMD CPUs including the latest hex cores, you will see that they officially only support up to 1333 MHz. RAM frequency. Because the Northbridge is now part of the CPU, increasing the frequency is technically overclocking the CPU which of course violates the warranty. AMD states numerous times in their AOD software program that ANY over-clocking will void the CPU warranty and rightfully so as the CPU is sold to function at a very precise frequency. That being said I haven't heard of anyone having a failure due to OC'ing the RAM frequency but it can increase the thermal load.



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OK wow so I won't waste my time looking for 1600mhz RAM. What about this RAM?




Doesn't say anything about being for intel systems, but isn't on the phenomii corsair website.


Looks like windows 7 loves RAM so I thought about going ahead and getting 8gb of RAM, but only using 2 slots as to not strain the memory controller.


The price of the CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 is right, but not sure if it will work for my M4A89TD board.

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