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I bought 13 pcs of F240 (CSSD-F240GB2) drives last week, to install in a fresh set of 13 Lenovo W510 laptops. Yes, I have installed Win 7 and all Lenovo drivers, including also the latest Intel system drivers.


Windows 7 Enterprise installations went fine with the F240 as system disc, but after some reboots and also shutting down the computers I encountered unexpected problems, like:


1. Lenovo is unable to boot from the F240 SSD and claims there is no drive in the system. After several boot attempts the disc "magically" starts working and the operating system starts.


2. The system hangs when trying to wake up from sleep mode or hibernation. No solution found for this.


3. I put the original Lenovo hard-drive back into the W510 and installed the operating system. Everything works like a charm. I then installed the F240 in a hard-drive bay that replaces the CD-RW, as I still wanted to use the SSD. However, I encountered the same problems as in point 2, the computer will not wake up from sleep mode when having the F240 installed in the HD-bay and I am forced to shutdown the computer by pressing the power-on button for 5 seconds.


4. Right after running the HD-bay test, I installed an Intel X25-M SSD in the HD-bay. I ran the same sleep / hibernate tests without any problems. With the Intel drive everything works fine.


I am now looking at returning these 13 pcs of the F240 drive, as I have absolutely no use for a drive that doesn't boot and doesn't allow a laptop to go to sleep...


After all, I ended up paying some 7500 euro for these drives, so I suppose they should work at some level, right?

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  • Corsair Employee
At this time if you have read through the forum we are looking into these issues but for the time being you should disable suspend to Disk and Hybrid suspend and set them to suspend to Disk instead. But I understand if you want to return them. I would suggest at this time only using our performance series SSD's with any OEM system.
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