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Corsair H-50 Leaked Coolant Need Help Cleaning


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Hello all, I had my H-50 for less than a year and it leaked coolant all over my graphic cards and motherboard. Luckily I was able to clean enough resisdue off my graphic cards and they still worked as I tested them on a diffrent motherboard I had. My MSI motherboard on the other hand has so much resisdue inside the pci express lane that it wont detect the graphic cards at all. Does anyone know of a way to clean out the caked coolant in between the lanes? :dunno:




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I really don't know how it happened as I didn't think anything of a leak. One day I just figure I would open my computer up to see why it kept crashing and discovered white residues on the gpu. I'm thinking it was a very slow leak coming from the base of the pump/cooler, might be a defective seal. I probaly won't find out till corsair inspects it as I sent it in for RMA. My motherboard is now useless untill I can find out a way to clean out the residues.

I wont be buying another water cooling unit as it's too much hassle once it leaks.




Not an answer to your question, but I'm curious, how did this happen and where on the pump is the leak? Looks like a major spill.
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These leaking incidents is making me nervous about my own H50. It can run fine for a long time, like yours, then suddenly start leaking for no apparent reason?


I guess the only way to get the residue completely out of the slots is by using a solvent of some kind, if it exists. It's just too entangled in there.

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Could this be galvanic corrosion? Looks likes the pump unit is leaking, and this makes me also think of the O ring seal.


I did a quik google search: galvanic corrosion aluminum and copper and some of the info make me a bit worried.


I know the coolant in the H50- H70 have some "antifreeze" in it that helps with the galvanic corrosion, but in my younger years i worked as a car mechanic fore some years and we did see some water pumps start leaking within a few years if the cooling system was not properly maintained. (The sealing surfaces corroded)


So could there be some H50-H70 units out there, with to little antifreeze in them to prevent galvanic corrosion.


I do know that to much antifreeze in the water reduce the cooling ability.



For cleaning the components with the antifreeze residues on them, there are some electronic PCB cleaning sprays out there, and a soft brush is wot i would recommend.


But check what the Corsair staff have to say before you start cleaning.

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