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Hx3x12g1600c9 g; ga-x58a-ud3r; qpi/vtt 1.48


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EDIT: Also, XMP is OFF. Should I turn it on?


I am getting conflicting information on the net. :( I want to know if 1.48 for QPI/VTT will fry my CPU. Some say that this amount is too high, saying Intel warns against going over 1.3 or so. But RAM makers seem to be saying it is alright.


I like my CPU and I don't want to harm it just because I want to run my memory at advertized speeds.




UNCORE CLOCK...19x <--16x seems to be unstable

3.6GHz, turbo on, speedstep drops CPU speed to 2.4GHz




CPU PLL...1.8


QPI PLL...1.4

ICH CORE...1.1

IOH CORE...1.1



12 gigs 1600 9-9-9-24 2T <--these are advertized speeds


At idle, both CPU and MCH temps stay at around mid 40degC.

Intel Burn Test set to "very high" is stable.


I suppose you will say that the voltage is alright. But please do say whether this will harm my CPU's ability to reach its life expectancy. Thank you.



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Thanks for replying, Wired. :)


Unfortunately, everything on default with XMP enabled seemed unstable. The moment I opened my web browser, the system stopped responding and the desktop began to act strangely.


Also, when I am in the BIOS, my impression of XMP enabled is that it might make it difficult to overclock my cpu mildly to 3.6. This is because raising my BLCK of 133 would overclock the XMP RAM speed of about 1596. It seems to me that the QPI/VTT issue would then return.



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Any type of overclocking will lower the CPUs life expectancy. Every processor is different and requires different voltages to reach the same specs. I have run a personal processor at 1.5v VTT and have not had issues however a different CPU may have issues running that VTT voltage.
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Thank you for responding, RAM GUY.


After testing, I have concluded that the fundamental reason for the need for 1.48 QPI/VTT is that I want to raise my BCLK over 140 with 6 ram sticks instead of 3. My i7 930 overclocks very easily and with low temps with either 3 or 6 sticks. The X58A-UD3R handles everything pretty well. And the 6 Corsair sticks can run with stability through burn tests at advertized speeds with only 1.5V.


If my experience is typical, then it seems that most who would want to overclock an i7 930 to 3.6GHz with 6 sticks running at any speeds must raise their QPI/VTT closer to 1.5 than 1.3. And if this is true, then what I would like to know is whether the IMC can handle the higher V safely if it is dealing with six sticks and not just three.


Otherwise, I will have to live with either stock cpu speed with XMP enabled or memory running at ~1100-1200 8-8-8-20 with very slight cpu overclock. Neither presents a satisfactory solution for me.

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