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6 gbs causing trouble


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i have a XFX nforce 750i sli mobo with q9550 and i am trying to run 6gb


2x2 CM2X2048-6400c5DHX 1.80v ver4.3


2x1CM2X1024-6400c5DHX 1.80v ver3.4


Ive tested all sticks and they have no errors and no errors come up when i run in 2x2 or 2x1 but when i run both together as 6gb the computer starts not recognizing my hard drive or causing firefox to randomly open 200 tabs aswell as freezing my start menu.


ive tried putting them in different slots like 2-1-2-1 and 2-2-1-1 but still get errors.


anyone know whats wrong here?

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The problem there is that you are running mixed memory modules with completely different IC densities. In the case of those Corsair DHX modules, the 1GB modules use 512 Mbit ICs while the 2GB modules use 1 Gbit ICs (since all 1GB and larger Corsair DDR2 modules are double-ranked). The mixed IC densities just happen to not play nice with one another, especially on a system with a modern high-speed memory controller. The nForce chipset's memory controller, in particular, require that all four modules to be exactly identical in each and every minute detail - including the exact IC density and IC chip characteristics.
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