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How much can my 650TX handle?


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Hi, I have a computer rig with the following specs:


Antec 300 case with 5 fans


Phenom II X2 555 BE @4.0 w/Xigmatek Dark Knight cooler

4GB G Skill Ripjaws

WD 1TB Black/ 320GB Seagate/ 1TB WD Blue/500GB WD Black

EVGA 8800GT 512MB DDR3


Right now, I plan to upgrade my video card in the near future as well as maybe getting a Phenom II X4 or X6 (not sure yet). The card I will upgrade is the ATI 5850 and will be planning to buy 2 for Crossfire setup. What I need to know is whether my power supply would be enough to power all the upcoming upgrades that I will put.


Thanks for your help.

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I have not spoke to any one who has used our PSU Finder and has had problems using any of the PSUs it has recommended. It's true that its very simple, but its accurate for Corsair PSUs. The major power consumption parts like the CPU and graphics card are the most important factors in determining how much power you need. Hard drives, optical drives, and other accessories can account for 5-10 watts a piece in most cases and its really unnecessary to account for every last watt for each device. We have some headroom built into the calculator to account for the typical components you would normally have in a system.
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Look in my spec's and you will notice that yours do fine.


... but for that needed secend, PCI-E power cable (crossfire 4x PCI-E), im not sure. If that TX series has modular cables, you may ask one from Corsair, but if its not modular PSU, you may need to play with adapters to get it to work :(



Edit: Ok its non-modular so you need to play with those adapters that come with those cards, if you like to use that PSU. :sigh!:

For power it give's 52A for 12V rail(s), so 624W.

p.s. If some how, you have that 8pin. EPS connector free, do not use it as PCI-E connector.

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Thanks for the reply.


Please don't mistaken, I am not doubting you guys at all nor the calculator. I am just a bit concern for myself. After all, this setup/upgrade is a bit daunting especially when all the money I spent on it and have it burned up when things goes wrong.


A PC guru said that a good quality 650 PSU such as this can power:


ATX mobo

i7 @4GHz

2xRadeon 5870


4x10kRPM HDDs


Without any problems. So I should be safe to run a setup like this. I am just a bit paranoid.

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