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Trouble with new TX750W?


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I just completed a build today and upon trying to boot up experienced the following problems.


PC booted and I entered into BIOS to check settings. About 10 minutes into the session the system shutdown (all the fans were still running). Attempted to reboot and noticed that the red leds on motherboard (cpu, gpu and memory) were all glowing.


Called ASUS tech and they worked me through resetting the motherboard to try again (removed all components, reset CMOS, etc.). The computer booted again, I entered into BIOS and left the desk for about 10 minutes. When I came back to the desk to begin configuring the system, I discovered that the computer had shut down. Again the fans were still running. When you turn the computer on fans will run and leds are steady red but pc will not boot (motherboard is locked again).


I spoke with Asus again and they said that those leds indicated a faulty power supply and the motherboard is locking itself to prevent damage. Any ideas?

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