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What is the ACTUAL difference between AMD and Intel ram?


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Saying voltages and timings are the same, is there any actual difference, like in the IC's? Is the only difference the SPD settings? If that is true, cant they just be set manually and work just fine in either brand? I mean I know the cut/paste answer that you will not support it if you bought intel ram for AMD, but...outside of that.


Does Intel/AMD memory only mean they were tested on AMD/Intel systems so they are guaranteed to work? Or is there some fundamental differences in the sticks that make them not work on other systems (which I know is not true)?


I just wonder why so many AMD sticks work in Intel boards and vice versa even though there are AMD and Intel sticks.


Thanks in advance for some techincal input.


(Yellowbeard? RAM?)

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But its not specific to all modules designated for AMD/Intel...it appears. As I have personally used some AMD specific memory on an intel (P55) platform.


I know the best advice is to get whats made for your system, but it seems like 99/100 anything will work, especially if set manually. Is this assertion correct?


And thanks again for your input. :)


PS - I dont mind the technical explanation of why, rarely, these wouldnt work... :)

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