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RMA status - over a week and no update?


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RMA #1183434


Memory was received at Corsair in Netherlands 9/14/10 but I have no further update to the status of this RMA over a week later :confused:


I have sent a couple of message but no response :sigh!:


Please can you advise!?

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Ok so I've just received confirmation email that replacement memory has been shipped, funny that ;):


Just one question though, the email states quantity to be returned at one, does that mean one kit or one module? I returned all three modules of a triple channel kit.

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Well I had originally requested 1 module but was messaged that it would be advisable to send all 3, so I did. I sent a message about amending quantity but no response. Is there no way of checking what was sent? Got a horrible feeling I've sent 3 sticks and only getting 1 back eek!


Email I got....


RMA number: 1183434

Corsair Product: CMX6GX3M3C1600C7

Quantity Returned: 1

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