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H70 problems


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I have just built a new computer and have installed the H70 as directed. I am trying to run at 205 x 20 ratio and when I am loading the CPU to 100%, within about 5-15 seconds the temp of the CPU goes from 50 C to 75 C and the system shuts down. The fans are running at 1400 rpm, I have no idea how to check to see if the water is actually pumping thru the radiator. The radiator does seem to be warm to the touch so I am assuming it is running. I took the cooler off and installed a 99.9% silver heat conductor with little effect. Any help would be appreciated.


I just turned the speed down to 4000 mhz and it has run for 4 minutes but the temps are up around 78 C and I am holding my breath...I'm sure it will shut down any minute. HELP!!!!

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