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Win 7 will not boot with Voyager 8Gb installed ...


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Got my Flash Voyager 8Gb the other day for use with my Windows 7 64-bit Professional.


Took many trys to narrow down that upon fresh restart or reboot Windows 7 would freeze immediately the Voyager was physcially installed, whether in a dedicated USB port or USB Hub - I tried every USB port I have, 13 in total. If it matters the freeze point on fresh startup is at the black screen right after the motherboard ID is given and right before device listings begin.


When the Voyager was not physically installed, Windows 7 starts normally.


Otherwise, when the Voyager is physically installed, it works fine under many different tests I have given it, ReadyBoost, eBoostr, loading and deleted files, copy/paste.


Ideas? Suggestions?





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