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Corsair 800D with GA-890FXA-UD7


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I have just ordered the GA-890FXA-UD7 motherboard. Already own the 800D case which working perfectly well.


This case has a couple of Corsair SSDs and is powered by Corsair 1000w power supply.


My question is that will the GA-890FXA-UD7 fit into this case? As I remember, the 800D has 7 expansion slots and hope this will be fine with the board.


The board size is : XL-ATX Form Factor; 32.5cm x 24.4cm


Could some one confirm that this will fit into the case? If it has been already done could anyone post some photos too?

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The UD7R, at 32.5cm, will fit in the 800D. The standoff points are standard ATX, but the board extends a further 2cm for the bottom slot.


The bottom rubber grommets will mostly be covered by the bottom of the board, however. Use of front panel connectors should not be impeded too much, but thicker cables like USB/1394 may have trouble - you may have to use the holes to the side of the board instead of below it.


(Measured my board (UD3R) at 30.5cm and measured the distance to the divider in the case. Theres about 3cm of clearance on a standard ATX board.)

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IIRC, it's the UD9 boards that won't fit but I have not verified this.


Yup, the UD9 is a whopping 34.5cm with a 26cm width.


XL-ATX Form Factor; 34.5cm x 26.2cm


The 800D is one of the few cases that comfortably accommodates the UD7 - even down to the small vent below the backplates so that the bottom PCI-E slot can take a double-width card and still vent out the back.

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