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Possible VX450 EPS12V power problem


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Hi there,


Currently I'm unable to boot my PC. When I turn on the computer, all things seem to be working for a few seconds (fans spinning and harddisks rotating) and then the system restarts itself. This process repeats continuously. I unplugged all power connectors and test the PSU using the "Paperclip Test" method outlined by the Tech Support Express and found that the PSU seemed to be working (the PSU fan was spinning anyway). Then, when I only connect the 24-pin ATX power connector to the motherboard, the PSU again seemed fine (fan spinning continuously). However, when I connect the 8-pin EPS12V connector to the motherboard (with 24-pin ATX power connector connected but not any others) and turn on the computer, the computer again restarts itself every two or three seconds. The fans of the PSU and the CPU all start and stop at a 2-3 second interval.


I wonder whether there is a problem with the PSU's EPS12V power supply? Or is it the motherboard's problem? By the way, the system is only about one-year old and the motherboard is Asus P5Q3. The computer is not overclocked and it's mainly used for word and graphic processing.


Thank you in advance.

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