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TX750W problem


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I think the power supply isn't providing enough power for my system. I wonder if its defective or not because my system is really an older system with average components.


The problem is my computer start and stop a few times before it actually boot. I can see all my fans spin but the one from the CPU start after a good 10 sec. (I had a G-Power fan and replaced it with the fan coming with my CPU to make sure it wasn't a fan problem but it does the same thing).


It might be the normal process as if I unplug a few 90mm fans the system do the same thing but do not stop and boot properly.


I have 4x 90mm fans in my system.


I have listed all my computer specs in my profile.


Any recommendation would be welcome.



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Make sure you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard and load setup defaults. If you still have the same problems there is a few things that could be causing it. Defective PSU, problem with the motherboard/BIOS, or any component that might be causing a short or ground. If possible I would test the PSU in a different system and see if you can duplicate the same issues, if so, Request an RMA.


If you can't test in a different system then I would test your current system in a barebones configuration. Disconnect every device in the system which is not necessary for booting up into the BIOS and see if there is any change. If there is a change, then reconnect each device one at a time until you can figure out where the problem lies.

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