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I have 2 questions about my ram setup


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I am running windows vista 32bit with a Gigabyte GA-890XA-UD3 motherboard with latest bios and 2 sticks of corsair ddr3 xms3 CMX4GX3M1A133C9 memory. it is only showing up as 3.6 instead of 8gb of ram


1) what are the specifics to get all 8 gb to be recognized?is it the old windows glitch or something i havent done

2) what are the most stable specs to run this ram with this mb correctly


please reply as you guys helped me a couple years ago with another build and it turned out great.


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these are two separate sticks....not a kit...info on it is as follows:corsair xms3...CMX4Gx3M1A1333C9 1333 mhz 4gb(1x4gb)9-9-9-24 1.50V version 8.11

there is one other number on the stick 10342710 i have no idea what this is

hope somewhere in here is the info you wanted


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Wired, they are single 4 gig sticks that are compatible with a Zotac board.

so 3 things are holding you back,

1: a 32 bit OS

2: mixing 2 sticks that were not designed to run as a pair

3: that ram is not even on the list for your board


but in the great scheme of things, a 32 bit OS will not show even 4 gig of ram. get a 64 bit OS and try again.


Memory usage in 32-bit operating systems

Since each binary bit in a 32-bit operating system can be used to represent the location of a byte of memory, a 32-bit operating system has a maximum „memory address size‟ of 232 bytes, which equates to 4GB. However, part of this 4GB „address space‟ must be reserved for devices that require MMIO (Memory-Mapped Input Output).


read the doc i link in my sig:):

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