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Memory errors occur when computer is off, long running problem, please help!


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Hi, I will apologise in advance for the massive post length, this is a complex problem.


All tests with Memtest86 were done to 1 pass


I have a strange issue where memory errors occur when the computer is turned off. It started a few months after I built the system, and as far as I can remember nothing had changed that could have prompted the behavior.


I first noticed the issue when Windows kept bluescreening just after login suggesting a memory error. On restarting the computer and testing the memory with memtest86 I discovered a small number of memory errors scattered throughout all three modules.


At first I considered RMAing the modules but on a whim choose to test each module individually twice (once in slot A1, Once in slot A2) in each slot. When I did this, no errors were found on any of the modules.


This suggested that the hardware was not at fault but that it was in fact some other problem. While looking through the BIOS for a potential solution I stumbled upon a work-around. Despite information printed on the side of the modules showing 1600Mhz they run at 1333 when all options are set to Auto on the mainboard (Setup Defaults). I found that by selecting XMP (which automatically pushed the frequency up to 1600 and the voltage up too), no memory errors showed in the test and I was able to boot normally. The next time I restarted the computer the problem came back and I found that if I returned the setting to Auto then no errors appeared on test and I was able to boot normally.


I knew I needed to address the issue, but it was exam season and so I went along putting the computer to sleep at night. Occasionally when I had to restart (Windows update and the like) then I achieved about a 50/50 sucess rate, sometimes there were no errors, sometimes I needed to change the frequency again, I only ever went between XMP and normal. I am not an overclocker and have never tried, aside from doing what I have described above to work around my problem.


Bizarely I have found the the memory errors occur whenever the computer is off. This does not include sleep mode, but it does include when Windows is off but the motherboard still has power (power LED light is lit), when the power supply is off on its hardware switch (no longer supplying power to the motherboard) and when the computer is disconnected from the wall altogether. There also seems to be a trend of the longer the computer has been off, the more errors there are. When I went on holiday for 2 weeks I had to leave the computer turned off at the wall for obvious reasons. On my return I discovered thousands of errors, and this time to my concern the clock speed changing work around did not work.


I am certain that the modules are correctly seated and whenever I have handled them I have used appropriate antistatic procedures, they are always kept in bags and I am always earthed.


I am at my wits end with the problems this has caused (as other parts of the system begin to suffer when they are never off) and hope that I can get some help here. I do not know whether the issue is with the Corsair RAM, the Corsair PSU or my motherboard but this seemed the best place to ask for help as 2 of the above are Corsair products.


I understand if you suggest I RMA the RAM, but I fear that it will not solve the problem as when the computer is on, the memory operates excellently and the computer is more than able to handle demanding games, modeling programs, HD movies and the like.


The only option left that I though might work is buying another RAM module and making it so that all the modules can operate in a dual channel environment. The problem with that is I don't know what I can get that will not conflict with what is already there and don't have the money to waste experimenting. If you guys think this might make a difference then could you please suggest a 2GB module that would work with the current setup. If this has no chance of dealing with the problem then please say so, it is only an idea!


Sorry again for the supergiant post and I look forward to recieving your help!


I will try and monitor this thread regularly and answer any further questions you may have as soon as I can.

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The RAM is set to Corsairs specified voltage, and is automatically adjusted to 1.65V (Corsair specified XMP voltage) when set to XMP. I usually run it at stock and only apply XMP as the workaround as I mentioned. This workaround has since ceased to work. I have 902 case with good airflow and speedfan tells me that temperature is not a factor that I should be concerned with. Also legacy USB support is disabled, the motherboard does support USB 3 though, could this be affecting memtest in some way?
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