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Hot-swap 800D Clarification


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Greetings all. This is my first post here and am hoping for some clarification on the hot-swap issues associated with the 800D case.


I started this new thread because I was uncomfortable cluttering a very informative "sticky" thread initiated by Neowarex. Quoting from that excellent thread >>


...make sure to check the following:


2- The power cable for your SATA backplates is not bending the connectors. If necessary you can move the connectors around (I'd recommend only moving the 2nd 3rd and 4th and not touching the 1st). It's fairly easy to do with a flat screwdriver.


Is the above "moving" something Corsair should do at the factory?

Can someone please explain this in more detail?

Are screws involved in the positioning?

Or are you actually bending support brackets?

Would longer leads or greater connector spacing resolve this issue?


Thanks !!

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Synthohol ... beautiful pic that speaks volumes. Thanks !!

I am about to dive into my first from scratch build and this level of detail is wonderful.




Wired ... I feel like the scarecrow in oz ... if only I had a brain !! At least I quoted the area of my concern ... but also providing the link is efficient and your point is appreciated. My apologies to those I caused to go thread hunting. The other details in that sticky thread are really awesome and this hot-swap issue has concerned me much more than airflow topics.

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